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Why Study Abroad?

  • Average tuition fees in the USA is USD 15K to 25K, which is less than what is in the UK
  • F-1 student visa fee to the USA at USD 160 to 200, much less than the UK
  • Costs in Germany are lower than UK; students need just €861/month
  • Germany has no tuition fees only semester charge Eur€ 200 to 500
  • Canada's 753K international student intake in 2023 is more than the UK
  • Get essential international exposure.


How to Study Abroad?

  • Make a plan about what to study overseas that suit your academic profile.
  • Determine how much you want to spend on your education overseas, your course of choice, and where.
  • Apply to multiple overseas universities where your course of choice is taught and figure out at what cost.
  • Clear your English language exam or any other test, especially the ones preferred by your university.
  • Prepare your captivating Statement of Purpose and submit it alongside your application.
  • Get references and recommendations to boost your candidature.
  • Once your seat is confirmed after receiving an acceptance letter from your preferred university, apply for a scholarship (if needed).
  • Apply for a relevant student visa as you will study overseas, and make arrangements for yourself and your dependents (if they will accompany you).
  • Choose the best possible accommodation and determine your expenses/cost of living overseas accordingly.
  • If you are a person who enjoys extracurricular activities, find out how you can continue with your studies overseas.
  • Join a language school to learn a new language of choice and learn more about a new culture to assimilate better.

Which are the Best Countries to Study In?


  • The 2nd largest nation in the world, Canada is one of the best places globally if you are looking for higher education.
  • The GDP of USD 2 trillion means Canada presents tremendous job opportunities for you if you seek jobs during or after your education.
  • Canada, known for its beautiful mountains, lakes, and valleys, presents many opportunities for students like you to unwind during breaks.
  • As a melting pot for diverse cultures and ethnicities, Canada allows students like you to know more about cultural and linguistic diversity, thereby building friendships with students of other nationalities.


  • As Australia is a collection of people from diverse cultures and ethnicities, it allows migrant students to know more about other cultures and develop friendships with students of different nationalities.
  • Australia is the only nation spanning an entire continent, and cities like Melbourne and Sydney are the primary education centers.
  • Australia is known as one of the world's best surfing and scuba diving destinations. This gives migrant students interested in outdoor activities many options to unwind in Australia during breaks.
  • From July 2023, Australia extended its post-study work visa by 2 years giving international students more chances to stick around after completing their studies.


  • Germany, with a GDP of USD 4 trillion, is the largest economy in the EU and gives you a lot of opportunities to pursue your course of choice.
  • Germany is home to car brands like Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW, giving migrant students a chance to work in German companies with Post Study Work Permit.
  • Germany is home to many universities in Europe that focus on research. Being more cost-effective than in the UK, postgraduate studies can be pursued easily with scholarships.
  • Unlike other Western nations, Germany allows, by default, each international student to work 20 hours/week to support themselves as part of 'Werkstudent' or 'Working student positions,' thereby helping them gain valuable experience.


  • As the Top 10 US universities are ranked in the Global Top 20 list, the quality of education for international students is top-notch, with numerous scholarships available.
  • You get to travel and enjoy everything from the snowy mountains of Colorado, 5 great lakes, Niagra Falls, and the sunny beaches of Florida to unwind during holidays.
  • With a GDP of USD 25.5 trillion, the USA is home to numerous 'Fortune 100' and 'Fortune 500' MNCs giving you a chance to pursue an internship in your preferred MNC.
  • USA universities are known to offer flexible academic programs, allowing migrant students the freedom to pursue multiple disciplines before deciding on their majors.


Benefits of Studying Abroad

  • You get a chance to become more employable with an international degree."
  • Get an experience of a lifetime.
  • You can improve your ability to adapt.
  • You gain international experience and develop a global network of friends.
  • Learn new language, see new places, and understand cultural diversity.
  • Turn your education into a real-life adventure.
  • Diversity, of course, gives options to choose from.
  • Study abroad to hone your leadership and financial management skills.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential.
  • Basic understanding of your chosen academics and their concepts.
  • Prior or relevant professional work experience (if required).
  • Understand and respect the host nation's culture and customs to integrate more effectively.
  • You meet the age requirement to pursue studies as a migrant student.
  • Invitation letter from your desired university.
  • All relevant documentation, including passport, NOC, and health report, is available.


What are the Requirements to Study Abroad?

  • It is essential to have financial freedom to support yourself and dependents (if any).
  • A minimum score in various English language tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE is required to meet language proficiency requirements.
  • After due diligence with the visa form, tick off all the points in the checklist.
  • Get a migration certificate from your school.
  • Make all necessary fee payments.
  • Open a bank account and have health insurance in the host nation.


What are the Steps to Apply for Student Visa?

  • Research student visa options as available.
  • Ensure that you are eligible.
  • Download the visa application and apply.
  • Fill in all information correctly and completely.
  • Complete visa application.
  • Get all the relevant documents verified.
  • Scan and submit all civil documents.
  • Complete medical examination from the designated center.
  • Prepare for the interview and attend it with the necessary documents.
  • Fly off once the visa is approved with the approval letter.


What is the Cost of Studying Abroad?



UK to Canada

Up to CAD 29700


Up to USD 55000

UK to Australia

Up to UKP 19000

UK to Germany

Up to Euro 30000


How Y-Axis Can Help You?

  • Help identify the best strategy to boost your chances to success in immigration.
  • Advise you on how to submit relevant financial documents.
  • Advise you on the step-by-step filling of documents and supportive evidence.
  • Help you fill out relevant forms and advise you wherever needed.
  • Review your documents before they are submitted for approval.

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