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Table of Contents:

  1. Canada Immigration with ICT Work Permit
  2. Intra Company Transfer (ICT) Canada Work Permit
  3. ICT Canada Work Permit Visa Categories
  4. Canada ICT Requirements
  5. ICT Canada Visa Eligibility Criteria
  6. ICT Canada Visa Documentation Requirement
  7. ICT Canada Visa Process
  8. ICT Canada Work Permit Duration
  9. Canada ICT Visa Processing Time
  10. Canada ICT Visa Processing Fee
  11. Benefits of the ICT Canada Visa / Work Permit
  12. How Y-Axis Can Help You?


Canada Immigration with ICT Work Permit

  • Canada's CAD 2.12 trillion economy has enormous growth potential to attract immigrants
  • In 2022, IRCC issued 608,420 work permits to foreigners
  • After 1 year, boost your CRS score by 50–200 points to apply for PR
  • Canada seeks 281,135; 301,250; and 301,250 immigrants under the economic category in 2024, 2025, and 2026, respectively
  • In July 2023, Canada had 701,300 vacant jobs


Intra Company Transfer (ICT) Canada Work Permit

  • Canada wants to attract self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs, and foreign specialist workers using different government programs, and Canada Intra Company Transfer or ICT is one of them.
  • ICT applicants don't need to apply for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which saves them time and money.
  • ICT offers foreign businesses a chance to provide products, solutions, and services in the Canadian market 
  • It helps business owners obtain Permanent Residency in Canada.
  • ICT programs are beneficial for senior-level or specialized-knowledge employees who can contribute significantly to Canada's economy.
  • Canada ICT has 3 categories for applicants:-
  • These are start-up entrepreneurs, business owners, and shareholders of successful foreign companies.
  • Senior managers and executives working for foreign companies who want to work in similar positions in Canada.
  • Key employees of a foreign company who have advanced specialized knowledge about products/services or solutions.
  • The ICT program is part of Canada's International Mobility Program (IMP).
  • Working under the ICT program allows permit holders to stay in Canada temporarily.
  • Under the ICT work permit, there is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of employees who can be transferred to a position in Canada from their existing position in the UK.
  • Approval of ICT Work Permit applications depends on the operational requirements and economic conditions in Canada and the company's operating conditions in the UK.


ICT Canada Work Permit Visa Categories

The following 3 categories of employees are part of the Canada ICT program.

  • Executives
  • Exercises broad freedom in the decision-making process.
  • Directs the management of the organization or major components or functions of the organization.
  • Establish goals and policies of the component, organization, or function.
  • Has discretionary power over the day-to-day operations of the business.
  • Senior Manager
  • Manages the entire branch, department, subdivision, function, or component of the organization/company.
  • Solely responsible for supervising and controlling the work of other employees in the department or subdivision working in supervisory, professional, or managerial roles in the organization.
  • Has sole authority to hire and fire or recommend employees’ or other personnel’s actions (including job promotion and leaves, if no one else is directly supervising various functions at senior level in the organization.
  • Requires direction from higher-level employees of the company, such as the board of directors and stakeholders.
  • Specialized Knowledge
  • An employee in a position with 'specialized knowledge' that requires not only proprietary knowledge but also advanced expertise about the product, service, or solution. 
  • Under 'proprietary knowledge' has company-specific expertise in relation to the company's product, solutions or services. 
  • It means that the employee has access to the company's proprietary knowledge base that has not been divulged. Applying that knowledge, the employee helps the company gain an edge over other companies and their products, solutions, or services.
  • Under Advanced Expertise, the employee enjoys 'specialized knowledge' about the company's product, service, or solution thanks to significant experience. 
  • The more experience an employee has, the greater their 'Advanced Expertise' within the organization, which allows them to contribute significantly to the company's productivity and expansion.
  • The employee possesses 'advanced expertise' that surpasses the average industry standards.


Canada ICT Requirements

  • General Requirement

The following are a general requirement that makes it necessary for an individual applicant to apply for the Canada ICT Work Visa:-

  • You are employed by an international company with a home base in the UK, seeking entry into Canada as a start-up, parent, or through a branch, subsidiary, or affiliate.
  • You are being transferred to a company in Canada that has a qualifying relationship with your company. You will undertake employment with the Canadian company as a legitimate representative of the UK parent company, continuing the relationship.
  • You are being transferred to Canada to work in a position as an executive, senior manager, or employee with specialized knowledge.
  • You have worked full-time continuously for a UK-based company in a position to gain experience. 
  • The company plans to transfer you to Canada to continue performing the same type of job, having worked for at least 1 year in a 3-year period in a similar position immediately preceding the date of visa application.
  • You are being transferred to Canada on a temporary period only.
  • You have complied with all the necessary immigration regulations that are required for temporary entry.
  • Also, self-employed professionals must show that their presence in Canada will benefit people in the area where they will work.
  • Company Requirements
  • The following are a requirement that makes it necessary for a company to apply for the Canada ICT Work Visa:-
  • The company has a stable and continuous operational business in the UK as well as a good reputation.
  • The company has physical control over a premise in 
  • Canada from where to continue its' newly launched Canadian operation, particularly as part of its specialized knowledge. 
  • If a company has not taken physical control over a premise in Canada from where to continue its newly launched Canadian operation, it concerns only senior executives and managers assigned to work in Canada. 
  • In such a case, the company may use its resident counsel's Canadian address as a base of communication until the senior executives and managers have secured premises through purchase or lease.
  • The company has furnished realistic plans to staff its new operation in Canada.
  • The company has the financial capability to start its commercial operations in Canada and pay its employees on a regular basis.
  • When transferring senior executives or managers to Canada, the company demonstrates its capability to operate a facility that is large enough and has facilities to support the functions of senior executives or managers.
  • When transferring an employee with specialized knowledge to Canada from the UK, the company demonstrates the:- 
    • Capability to do expected business in Canada through the employee.
    • Guided and directed by company management to carry out Canadian operations.
  • Entrepreneurs
  • The following are the requirement that makes it necessary for an entrepreneur to apply for the Canada ICT Work Visa:-
  • The entrepreneur has ownership of a company in the UK that has been operating continuously for at least the preceding 12 months in the last 3 years before applying to expand its operations in Canada.
  • The entrepreneur has ownership of the company in the UK with sufficient financial resources to support its newly launched Canadian operations.
  • The entrepreneur has company ownership in the UK as the parent company, with an established relationship to the company's operations in Canada that is operating as a subsidiary, branch, or affiliate company.
  • The entrepreneur owns the company in the UK, whose Canadian operations are capable of creating jobs in Canada.
  • The entrepreneur has to ensure that in Canadian operations, there is at least 1 permanent resident or citizen of Canada as a director for the business to be registered. 
  • In Canada, as per government rule, only British Columbia on the west coast and the 4 Atlantic provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland are exempt from this rule.
  • Investment: 
  • The Canadian government does not set a minimum investment requirement for entrepreneurs, start-ups, or companies wanting to expand into Canada.
  • However, to increase the chances of getting the ICT work permit, it is essential that you make a justifiable investment. The Canadian government issues ICT work permits to businesses to help boost the economy and create jobs.
  • For example, if you want to invest only CAD 200,000 in the highly developed cities of Vancouver or Toronto, your chances of getting an ICT work permit are reduced. Remember, many businesses generate more revenues and employ more people in these cities.
  • However, suppose you wish to invest the same CAD 200,000 in any of the under-developed and under-populated cities in any of the Canadian provinces. In that case, your chances of getting an ICT work permit are boosted, if there aren't many businesses generating revenues and employing people in these small cities. Though a small amount, remember Canadian government always seeks investments that will help generate revenues and create more jobs in its cities and boost its economy.


ICT Canada Visa Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria to apply for a Canada ICT work permit.


  • Operational Duration:- 
  • Before considering an expansion into Canada, the UK parent company must have uninterrupted operation for the past 12 months. 
  • Ideally, it's better to be operational for at least 3 years. 
  • It showcases the business's stability, viability, and success in its home country of the UK.
  • Financial Soundness:- 
  • The company operating in the UK must have sound financial resources and other capabilities to support its foreign operations in Canada. 
  • This will also present enough proof that the UK company can sustain its operations in the long run.
  • Employment Duration: 
  • The ICT work permit applicant must be working on an uninterrupted basis with the UK-based company for at least 12 months within the past 3 years. 
  • This is meant to help validate the applicant's relevant work experience and level of involvement in the company's operations.
  • Relationship between Companies: 
  • The UK-based company must have a detailed relationship with the company in Canada. 
  • The UK-based parent company must be related to the Canadian company that is operating as its overseas branch, a subsidiary, or an affiliate company. 
  • This relationship effectively legitimizes the UK company's expansion into Canada.
  • Job Creation for Canadians: 
  • Canada's government issues ICT work permits to foreign businesses in the hopes that they will create more jobs for Canadian citizens/PR holders and boost the Canadian economy. 
  • It is important for the UK-based company to employ Canadians in its operations within the 1st year of operation. 
  • However, it is even more critical that the UK-based company's Canadian operation can continue operating in Canada by selling its products, services, and solutions. 
  • This will help present enough proof that the company is capable/eligible to create jobs for Canadian citizens/PR holders, thereby positively impacting the Canadian economy.
  • Expansion to Canada: 
  • If the UK-based company intends to expand to Canada as part of its initial venture into a foreign country.
  • Sound Business Plan: 
  • The UK-based company has a well-structured business plan in place that helps demonstrate in detail the viability of its Canadian operations. 
  • The business plan needs to showcase the company's potential to generate sufficient revenues to help cover its operational costs and pay employees' salaries.
  • Executive or Managerial Requirement: 
  • The UK-based company that applies for Canada ICT needs to have the capability to meet complex evaluation requirements. 
  • This necessitates the presence of senior-level executive or managerial staff in Canada at all times to manage the day-to-day work of its Canadian operations. 
  • The senior-level executive or managerial staff can either be a Canadian citizen or PR holder, or a UK citizen transferred to Canada to manage its Canadian operations. 
  • It will help present proof of eligibility that the position being transferred aligns well with the specific requirements of the Canadian operations.


ICT Canada Visa Documentation Requirement

The following documents are compulsorily required to accompany the ICT Canada visa/work permit when it is submitted. 


  • Confirmation/proof that as a UK national, you are currently employed by a multi-national company in the UK and are seeking to enter Canada to work full-time in the Canadian operation of the parent company or in the branch, subsidiary, or affiliate enterprise of the UK based company in Canada (offer/employment letter).
  • Confirmation that as a UK national, you are employed (under direct payroll or contract) continuously (full-time) by a multi-national company in the UK in a similar full-time position for which you have applied in Canada for at least the last 1 year in the previous 3-year period immediately preceding the application date (experience letter).
  • A document that outlines an ICT work permit applicant's position in the capacity of an executive or manager in Canada or an employee with specialized knowledge (including position, place of work, job description, and title), thus meeting the requirement.
  • In the case of an employee with "specialized knowledge, " documentation must be submitted as proof that the person has knowledge about a company's product/service or solution that is not only proprietary but also advanced and has not been divulged. This knowledge gives the company an edge over others in Canada with such knowledge, thus meeting the requirement.
  • Documentation that outlines the position the ICT work permit applicant is seeking in Canada (such as position, place of work, work in organization, and job description).
  • A document that gives a tentative duration about the work permit applicant's intended stay period in Canada (whether fixed or extended at a later date).
  • A document that explicitly describes the relationship between the parent company in the UK and its Canadian operations. It states whether it is a start-up, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary. Please note that the visa officers at the embassy or consulate are within their rights to ask for additional tangible proof establishing the relationship between the UK-based multi-national company and its Canadian operations.
  • Other documents that are required to be submitted for ICT Work Permit:-
    • Abroad Business License (license to operate outside the UK).
    • Abroad Company Organization Chart (Canadian Organization Chart).
    • The company's financial statements for the last 3 years.
    • Digital photo of the ICT visa applicant.
    • Evidence of continuous business operations in the last 3 years atleast.
    • Passport / Biographic details.
    • Curriculum vitae or resume.


 ICT Canada Visa Process

Following is the process to apply for ICT Canada Work Permit:-


  • Confirm eligibility to develop strategy:- As the ICT work visa applicant, you must ensure that you are eligible to apply for the Intra Company Transfer Canada work visa program. You also need to prove the requirement exists. As an applicant, you also need to highlight the benefits of the intra-company transfer from the UK to Canada. This includes:-
    • Your position within the company in the UK and the position you are supposed to hold in Canada. 
    • Relationship between your company in the UK and the Canadian entity.
    • Based on the above, as the applicant, you need to develop a strategy to apply for an ICT work permit and get approval from the Canadian immigration authorities, or IRCC.
  • Create an account: once you have confirmed your eligibility and have a relevant strategy in place, you need to create an account in the IRCC portal to apply for an ICT work permit. 
    • Sign up directly to create an account with login and password. 
    • Fill out the relevant form for an ICT work permit.
    • Upload all the documents needed.
    • Pay the required fees.
    • Apply and wait for approval.
    • Check regularly for any updates.
    • However, this can be done only if you follow a due process as mentioned below. 
  • Register the Canadian entity:- You, as an ICT work visa applicant, need to make sure that:- 
    • The Canadian business entity is registered in Canada. 
    • If it does not already exist, it is important that the Canadian entity be registered as a start-up, parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate of the UK-based parent company.
    • Once registered, the company should obtain an employment number. The IMM 5802 form must be submitted with this number or a valid authorization issued by the Canadian government's Immigration Program Guidance Branch.
  • This registration is proof of the relationship between the two entities in Canada and the UK, thus establishing the need for a Canada ICT work permit.
  • Have a comprehensive business plan: As an ICT work visa applicant, you must have a well-structured business plan ready detailing the profitability and sustainability of the proposed Canadian business operation. The well-structured business plan must include the following details:- 
    • Business activity with product/service or solution
    • Market research about product/service or solution
    • Hiring plans for the 1st year and subsequent years.
    • Cash flow projections for at least the next 2-3 years. 
    • The above-mentioned aspects of the comprehensive business plan will showcase that as the ICT work permit applicant, you are prepared and committed to setting up a successful and continuous presence in Canada.
  • Collect required documents: As an ICT work visa applicant, you must be able to gather all necessary documents on time that will help build the case for an ICT work permit to Canadian authorities. These may include:-
    • Bank statements
    • Articles of incorporation
    • Evidence of investment funds
    • Other relevant supporting documents
    • The above ensures that the documentation is comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date to strengthen the application.
  • Prepare the work permit application: once the above-mentioned things are covered, you, as the ICT work visa applicant, need to complete the ICT work permit application carefully. The application must provide detailed explanations in the application as to how you:- 
    • Meet the eligibility criteria and 
    • Why the company's presence is needed in Canada. 
    • As the ICT work visa applicant, you must ensure that all documents are properly labeled, organized, and attached in the format required before submission.
  • Submit the application: As an ICT work visa applicant, you must submit the complete application along with all the supporting documents on time, pay the necessary fees, and keep a record of the application submission. 
    • After submitting the application, you need to wait for the approval decision, which is sent mostly by email. The work permit processing times can vary, depending on the schedule and workload of the Canadian immigration authorities at IRCC. 
    • In the meantime, you regularly need to check the status of your application.
  • Additional considerations:
    • As an ICT work visa applicant, you need to ensure that if any exemption or any additional considerations apply with respect to the ICT Canada work visa at Port Of Entry (POE).
    • As such, it is important for you to research and confirm the specific requirements to ensure a smooth entry into Canada.


 ICT Canada Work Permit Duration

  • ICT Work Permits are valid for 1 year and can be extended to a total of up to 7 years. 
  • The extensions and total duration of Canada ICT Work Permits vary for the following:-
    • Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives: Under the Canada ICT Work Permit, if you hold one of these positions, you can seek an extension for up to 3 years at a time, with the possibility of extensions up to a maximum of 7 years.
    • Functional Managers: If you hold this position, you can seek extensions of up to a maximum of 3 years at a time, with the possibility of total extensions for a maximum of 5 years.
    • Employees with Specialized Knowledge: If you hold this position, you can seek extensions for a maximum of 3 years at a time, with a maximum extension of 5 years.


Canada ICT Visa Processing Time

  • The average processing time for an ICT Canada work permit is 4 to 12 weeks.
  • The 2-week priority processing option is also available but only for visa-exempt countries where biometrics processing is not required.


Canada ICT Visa Processing Fee


Fee (CAD)

Application fees


Biometrics fee



Benefits of the ICT Canada Visa / Work Permit

The key benefits of the ICT Canada Visa or Work Permit program are as follows:-


  • Live and work in Canada:- As an ICT Canada Visa or Work Permit applicant, you can bring your spouse or legal partner and children to live, study, and work in Canada. Also, your spouse and legal partner can work in Canada with an open work permit during your stay. Your children can attend Canadian public schools for free or with nominal fees.
  • No English language test is needed: As an ICT Canada visa or work permit applicant, you can get a work permit to work in Canada without taking any language proficiency tests in English or French like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Access to free health care: As an ICT Canada Visa or Work Permit applicant, you get free health care for yourself as well as your spouse or legal partner and kids provided by the Canadian government after staying 3 months in Canada for work.
  • You can reside in your home country of the UK: As an ICT Canada Visa applicant, if you are not interested in living permanently in Canada and holding the position of entrepreneur or senior executive, you can reside in your home country of the UK. One of the biggest benefits is, you don't have to stay in Canada on a full-time basis. 
  • Business opportunities: As an ICT Canada Visa applicant, if you are an entrepreneur, besides operating in the Canadian market, you also get to operate in the USA markets if you want to expand your business in your own free time. The stable and secure banking system and a booming financial market present you with many opportunities for business growth.
  • Permanent residency: As an ICT Canada Visa applicant, after just 3 years of staying in Canada on a temporary work permit, you can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. After getting a PR, if you are interested, you can also apply for Canadian citizenship, as a Canadian passport is considered one of the most desirable passports in the world.


 How Y-Axis Can Help You?
  • We help you identify the best strategy to boost your chances of getting a valid Canada ICT Work Permit/Visa as per your chosen category.
  • We advise you on how to do the step-by-step filling of essential documents.
  • If you are looking for a PR in Germany, we can help you grab the best job that helps boost your PR chances.
  • We help you fill out all application forms.
  • Review all your work visa-related documents before submission.
  • Get yourself evaluated instantly for free with the Y-Axis immigration point’s calculator here.

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