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Why apply for a Sweden Dependent Visa?

  • Live with your family in Sweden
  • Get to stay in the most attractive country in Europe
  • More than 100,000 immigrants migrate every year
  • Access the incredible services the country has to offer
  • Visa issued only within 30 days

With its exhilarating scenery, kind people, excellent welfare system and high living standards, Sweden is one of the most sought-after countries for migrants. The country welcomes migrants and their families worldwide and issues several dependent visas for them. Y-Axis is here to assist you in navigating the visa maze and help you join your family in Sweden without a hitch.


Benefits of Sweden Dependent Visa

  • Live, work and study in Sweden
  • Avail employment opportunities with a work permit
  • Free healthcare and dental care for children
  • Childcare benefits and parental benefits for dependents with kids
  • Free primary education for children below 6 years


Eligibility Criteria for Sweden Dependent Visa

You or your family members would be eligible to apply for a Sweden Dependent Visa only if:

  • You or any of your family members have Sweden residence permit, or you are a student legally residing in Sweden
  • You are a spouse or partner of an individual living lawfully in Sweden or
  • You are a dependent child below 18 years, and one or both of your partners are legal residents of Sweden
  • You have proof of your financial stability to support your dependents in Sweden
  • You have valid proof of your relationship with your dependents


Required Documents for Sweden Dependent Visa

  • A valid passport and copies of it
  • Documents to prove your relationship with the sponsor (birth certificate, marriage certificate, wedding affidavits and photographs)
  • Documents to prove that you and your unmarried partner  have stayed together ( tax bills showing the same address )
  • Processing fee receipts
  • Personal documents, including the educational and employment details
  • Documents to prove that you meet the requirements for permanent residency
  • Child custody documents if bringing a child
  • Duly signed and completed application form


Steps to Apply for Sweden Dependent Visa

  • Step 1: Check the eligibility criteria as specified by the authorities
  • Step 2: Fill in the application form by providing your personal information
  • Step 3: Gather the required documents  and upload them as suggested
  • Step 4: Pay the required amount for processing fees
  • Step 5: Answer the questionnaire sent by the Immigration authorities via mail
  • Step 6: Schedule an appointment with the Embassy or consulate
  • Step 7: Attend the Visa application interview at the Embassy
  • Step 8: Check for the notifications sent by the Embassy
  • Step 9: Once approved, fly to Sweden  and join your family


Sweden Family Visa Processing Time

Visa type Processing time Cost
Sweden Sambo Visa (for spouse or partner) 30 days £ 163.17
Sweden Dependent visa (for adults) 30 days £ 163.17
Sweden Dependent Visa (for child below 18 years) 30 days £ 79.87


How can Y-Axis help you?

Navigating the Sweden Family Reunification Visa process can be a challenging procedure. Y-Axis is to assist you with all your visa requirements. Our team of visa and immigration experts will guide you through the following:

  • Choosing  the correct type of visa according to your needs and preferences
  • Collecting the required set of documents
  • Filling up visa application forms
  • Getting you updates and follow-ups
  • Preparing for your visa application interview

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Don't know what to do
Don't know what to do ?

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