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Immigration Points Calculator 

Utilize the Y-Axis Immigration Points Calculator to assess your eligibility for:

  • UK Immigration Points Calculator
  • Australia Immigration Points Calculator
  • Canada Immigration Points Calculator
  • Germany Immigration Points Calculator
  • Canada SINP Calculator
  • Quebec Immigration Points Calculator

Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation

Determining your eligibility is essential when considering migration for work, investment, or settlement. It helps you understand if applying for a visa to a specific country is feasible, saving time and effort. Eligibility plays a crucial role in the visa application process.

Countries like Australia, Canada, Saskatchewan, Quebec, the United Kingdom, and Germany employ a points-based system for assessing eligibility for living, working, or studying within their borders. Achieving the required points is crucial to meet these countries' eligibility standards, with each country setting its own criteria and point system.

The eligibility evaluation process checks if you might qualify for a certain visa in a specific country. For those looking to migrate, countries like Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom necessitate a points-based eligibility check.

Before filling out the visa application forms for these countries, undergoing an eligibility evaluation is advised to see if you meet the necessary criteria and can accumulate the required points. Thus, you can better gauge your chances of visa approval.

Y-Axis guides you through the migration decision process with our eligibility evaluation service. By evaluating your profile against current visa regulations, we help estimate the likelihood of your application's success.


Y-Axis Eligibility Score Calculator 

The Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation, with the use of our points calculator, assists in determining your eligibility. This evaluation highlights the strengths in your profile, guiding you toward the country where your chances of migration are higher.

It aids in making an informed decision based on the options available to you. Additionally, an Eligibility Evaluation can pinpoint potential weaknesses in your profile, which can be improved with the professional assistance of Y-Axis. We also provide an estimate of the cost and time required for this process, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

The Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation offers a detailed scorecard and recommends the most suitable options.

The Y-Axis quick eligibility check is intended as a preliminary guide to help applicants gauge their scores. The points reflect your responses and should be verified through a technical evaluation for accuracy and eligibility under specific immigration programs. The quick check does not guarantee the projected points; actual scores may vary following a comprehensive assessment by our experts. Skill assessments and eligibility for sponsorships vary across different assessing bodies and state/territory authorities, each with their unique criteria. Thus, a technical evaluation is crucial for an accurate understanding of your migration possibilities.

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