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The main task of a web designer is to plan and set up websites and interactive mobile technologies for various clients. Web designers communicate with customers and work with internal teams to code websites to the latest standards. They also provide technical support and solve website-related problems for clients and co-workers. Designers must be able to give clear feedback and suggestions to improve existing and newly developing websites.


  1. Ensure creative elements are in line with brand requirements.
  2. Interprets creative “look” of each promotion and builds, develops layouts of those materials assigned.
  3. Conceptualize, create, develop, design and produce web promotions using graphics design software.


  1. A strong interest in graphic design and a passion for clean code are necessary for web designers.
  2. A background in web marketing, website design, or information technology gives a candidate an advantage in the field.
  3. Web designers must show their ability to write HTML and CSS code, and many companies require candidates to complete a competency test to evaluate their design and coding skills.
  4. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, JavaScript, and underlying web technologies is helpful in the area of web design.
  5. Familiarity and experience with search engine optimization techniques and web marketing strategies are a plus.

Pay scale:

The pay package of a web designer is in the range of €12,255 – €80,819 and the median pay being €36,500.