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VP s of operations play important executive roles in many different industries.

Their primary goal is to increase revenue for the company and improve/ oversee operations.


  • They preside over managers of operations and lead the entire operations department.
  • They are responsible for all activities involved with the operation of a business.
  • Development, production, packaging, marketing and sales associated with the operation of a business come under their supervision and they ensure that all these areas are working efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Implement procedural changes as and when necessary.


Must be innovative in planning and making changes that will lead to improved production and revenue.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Master’s degree in business administration or in finance.
  • Must have experience in operation or related fields at managerial position.
  • Even a bachelor’s degree will also work out for those talented professionals who have proved their expertise with a proven career record.

Pay Scale:

The salary ranges between HK$377,804-HK$3,822,214.

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