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Job Description

The work of urologist includes performing tests and diagnosing the disorders of the genitourinary tract and associated structures. The job involves different tasks and the goal is to determine the appropriate treatment course for the patient. The urologist helps to diagnose the illness and duration of the disease by suggesting certain tests to the patient.

Preferred urologists should have work experience in urology of at least 2 to 4 years. They either work in a health care centre or in their own private clinics as the urology specialization involves internal medicine and concepts related to specialized surgery. The professional urologist works for specialized care centres, hospitals and medical offices.


  • Perform surgeries and medical procedures to correct conditions.
  • Construct treatment plans with patients, make recommendations, and write prescriptions.
  • Examine patients to diagnose urological health or conditions.
  • Document patient interactions, diagnoses, recommendations, and treatments.

Pay Scale

The pay scale of a Urologist ranges between AUD$100,000 – AUD$150,000 per annum.

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