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Job Description

Design, develop, modify,  document, test, implement, install and support software applications and systems. A software engineer may work in major industries or in a vast array of different industries. One could work for Microsoft which designs computer programs to sell, while others may work for a large business and be responsible for designing the private computer programs that employees use within their office. Software engineers may work alone or with a team. It depends on the size of a company and the computer programs and networks they use.

People who work in this field must be trained to read different computer languages that are made up of mathematical symbols and different letter sequences or algorithms. They must be very intelligent and are required to specialize in a field about which outsiders usually do not have any knowledge. They use computers, software, telephones, pens and paper, and other typical office supplies. Some serve a dual role as an information technology specialist and are also required to fix any computer or network problems within an office. Individuals in this role, report to an information technology manager when in a team, or to a general manager when working as an individual alone at this position in a company. Software engineers work to develop technical tools to make everyone else’s job easier. Without their expertise, people would be much more reliant on more difficult manual methods to complete a job. Computers are everywhere these days, and these are the people who develop the tools that computers use.


  • Write code to create single-threaded or user interface event driven applications, either stand-alone and those which access servers or services.
  • Use source debuggers and visual development environments.
  • Test and document software for client applications.
  • Write, modify, and debug software for client applications.


  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer programming or Information Technology is required for this position.
  • Several years of experience in various companies, is an added advantage.

Pay Scale

The pay scale of a software engineer ranges between AUD$50,000 – AUD$102,000 and the median being AUD$72,000.