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Job Description

A SAP consultant helps a company build “Systems Applications and Products,” which is where the acronym “SAP” comes from. SAP basically encompasses, but is not limited to systems involving, managing finances and accounting but as well as sales distribution on an enterprise scale. As a SAP consultant’s task would be to provide input for the design, structure, and implementation of such a system.

This job requires a lot of mental muscle, including creativity to problem-solve as well as a sharp eye for details to keep plans efficient and practical. Additionally, a SAP consultant is responsible for helping to bring results, which puts the consultant in a position with heavy responsibility, making this occupation ill-suited for people who function poorly under pressure. Additional desired traits include strong interpersonal and organizational skills, as consultants often need to communicate directly with their clients.


  • Identify, document and conduct all unit testing, mock and system testing of mission critical scenarios, manage expected results versus actual results, track and resolve errors.
  • Assist technical and functional design configuration for transformations, reports, updates, and interfaces.
  • Design and configure the logical and physical design and architecture, development, integration, testing and deployment of the SAP Net weaver business warehouse.
  • Prepare and execute implementation, user testing, and fit/gap analysis.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in management, communications, or computer science is a minimum academic requirement to become a SAP consultant. SAP certifications are available for individuals who wish to demonstrate a specialization for the position.

Pay Scale

The pay for SAP consultant is in the range of €21,447-€147,084 and the median being €57,822.