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A SAP basis administrator’s work deals with the functionality of SAP business software. This software is what many businesses are using for their financial accounting and reporting. The SAP basis administrator is responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of SAP systems, including performance upgrades, security upgrades and purchased add-ons.


  1. Monitor and ensure performance of SAP systems, including troubleshooting and creating backups.
  2. Integrate SAP with other supporting systems to reduce end user disruption.
  3. Install, configure, and maintain SAP systems, including upgrades.


  1. A SAP basis administrator will be expected to be fluent in oracle, server design and maintenance, database creation and maintenance, UNIX, and SAP basis.
  2. Most employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Pay scale:

The pay package of a SAP basis administrator is in the range of €19,000 – €100,000 and the median pay being €55,338.