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Restaurant managers hold many responsibilities. They typically are supervisors to cashiers, front-line staff, cooks and greeters.

Most frequently they report to general managers.


  • Organize and conduct pre-shift and departmental meetings.
  • Hire, train and develop all restaurant staff.
  • Make sure that the equipment in the restaurant is up to date.
  • Make sure that the restaurant is clean, the food is being handled properly, and the fire exits and procedures are clearly enforced.
  • Resolve issues, in case of conflicting situations arising from a communication gap between customers and restaurant staff or among the staff members.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Most restaurant managers have prior restaurant experience before becoming a restaurant manager.
  • Minimum qualification a person should have is a high school degree, but there are few managers who have higher degree in culinary arts.
  • The restaurant manager frequently takes continuing education courses in customer service, management, accounting, bookkeeping, etc.

Pay Scale:

The salary may vary between HKD$34,228-HKD$814,500 per annum.