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  • Only persons who have graduated with a degree at master’s level in psychology from a university or other institution of higher learning or have an equivalent education are entitled to use the title psychologist in Denmark.
  • The degree needs to be recognized by the Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice before a foreign skilled worker can work as a psychologist in Denmark.
  • The title “Authorized Psychologist” is a protected title and can only be used if it is authorized by the Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice.


  • Assess the emotional, lifestyle and behavioural problems of clients.
  • Study clients’ medical, social and family histories.
  • Interview, observe and explore issues with clients.
  • Develop treatment or work programmes for individuals or groups.
  • Take part in dispute resolution, provide counselling and advise people or organizations.

Pay Scale

The average salary of a psychologist in US dollars is $62,000 per year.

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