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Information Technology (IT) project managers lead their technical team(s) in design and development tasks. They assist the test teams in their efforts to create test plans, and they make sure that the software quality is up to par. Additionally, they coordinate the delivery of development and production releases, making sure that the quality assurance standards are met. IT project managers create and maintain project plans to ensure timely completion of tasks, major project milestones, and resource allocation. They also utilize software life cycle methodology.


  • Coordinate delivery of development (beta) and production releases that meet quality assurance standards.
  • Assist test team in creating test plans and testing efforts.
  • Create and maintain an information technology project plan that communicates tasks, milestone dates, status and resource allocation.
  • Assist technical team in design and development tasks.
  • Utilize software life-cycle methodology.

Pay scale:

The pay package of a project manager (IT) ranges between HKD$183,899 – HKD$1,132,492 and the median pay being HKD$562,286.