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  • A specialized practitioner, who designs, fits and dispenses lenses for the correction of a person’s vision.
  • Determines the specification of various ophthalmic appliances that will give the necessary correction of a person’s vision.
  • Some registered or licensed opticians also design and fit special appliances to correct cosmetic, traumatic or anatomical defects.
  • Other registered or licensed Opticians manufacture lenses to their own specifications and design and manufacture spectacle frames and other devices.

Field of work

  • Opticians may work in any variety of settings such as joint practice, hospitals, eye care centres or retail stores.
  • Registered opticians have to meet standards of practice and training, commit to on-going education, hold professional liability insurance and are held to these standards by their respective regulating bodies.


  • Knowledge of physics, basic anatomy, algebra and trigonometry as well as experience with computers is particularly valuable.


  • Instruction in optical mathematics, optical physics and the use of precision measuring instruments and other machinery and tools.

Danish Authorization

  • Persons who want to pursue a career as optician in Denmark need to send an application request to Danish Health and Medicines Authority.
  • The Authority assesses whether the educational qualification of the applicant is essentially equivalent to the corresponding Danish education.
  • If confirmed, the Authority intimates about their decision on the candidate’s application request.

Pay Scale

The average salary of an optician in US dollars is $35,000.

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