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    • In Denmark, only those authorized by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority have the right to practice as nurses.
    • Nursing in Denmark is traditionally a public sector activity.
    • 1/3rd of nurses are employed in the Community and 2/3rd being employed in hospitals.
    • About 2% of nurses are nurse teachers.

    Hierarchy in hospitals

    • Director of Nursing Service
    • Deputy Director of Nursing Services
    • Head Nurse
    • Ward Sister
    • Senior Staff Nurse
    • Staff Nurse

    Reserved Title

    “Certified Nurse”

    All nurses in Denmark practice under this title, even those with specialist qualifications.

    Specialist qualifications in demand

    • Anaesthetic nurse
    • Surgical nurse

    Specialist Migrant Nurses

    • The migrant specialist nurse would enter the Danish profession as a general nurse (i.e. using the sectoral nursing directives) and then seek positions in their speciality in market competition with local nurses.
    • Their specialist qualifications are assessed for equivalence by the Regional Councils.
    • Such equivalence, once granted, would operate within that region only.

    Anaesthetic Nurse

    • A nurse who specializes in the administration of anaesthesia.

    Surgical Nurse

    • Surgical nurse focuses on care for surgical patients.
    • The professional is a critical part of surgical care team and work in pre or post-operative care units as well as operating rooms.

    Pay Scale

    The salary in US dollars may range between $54,586-$61,674.

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