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Job Description

Naval architecture is multidisciplinary in nature but, at its simplest: A naval architect is a ship designer. A naval architect is a professional engineer who is responsible for the safe design and specification of ships, boats, and marine structures, both civil and military, including merchant ships (cargo and passenger), warships, submarines & underwater vehicles, offshore structures (fixed & floating), high speed craft, workboats and pleasure craft. The naval architect can also be involved in, or manage, the construction, repair / refit or operation of such ships / marine structures.


  • Perform structural and hydrodynamic analyses to approve designs and materials.
  • Study designs, proposals, and materials to ensure marine products are viable and meet standards.
  • Design and oversee construction of marine vessels or structures, and enforce quality standards and timelines.
  • Investigate and test machinery, equipment, and installations for safety and durability.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must possess an academic qualification (i.e. a four year engineering degree) accredited or recognized by Engineers Australia, or equivalent overseas qualification.
  • They should be practicing independently or under general direction as naval architects.
  • Knowledge and skills development in the required areas is necessary.

Pay Scale

The pay scale of a naval architect ranges between AU$50,080 – AU$140,500 and the median being AUD$80,800.

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