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Mechanical design engineers are essential to any industry that uses machinery for production or operations. They are responsible for creating and building new machines or improving on current ones. Their job supports the growth of technology and the increase in efficiency in production for many industries.


  1. Set the direction of the design staff to create prototypes or drawings of the design effort.
  2. Make changes and corrections in the mechanical design throughout the life of the product.
  3. Consider performance, safety, patents, goals, and regulatory requirements when designing products or systems.
  4. Research and analyse data to determine feasibility of design effort.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Required for this position is at least a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Many positions require a master’s degree in this field.
  2. Mechanical design engineers must always be licensed as a mechanical design engineer in the state that they work in.

Pay Scale:

The pay package of a mechanical design engineer is in the range of €21,138 – €61,330 and the median pay being €41,451.