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Health and paediatric nurses support and treat infants, children and adolescents who are ill or require care.


  • Implement measures prescribed by doctors.
  • Assist with medical examination and treatment.
  • Document patient’s data.
  • Psychological care.

Field of work

  • Special wards in hospitals for children, adolescents or infants
  • Health centres, residential homes for disabled children and adolescents
  • Institutions providing short-term care
  • Outpatient care department
  • Children’s home


  • The exercise of the profession is regulated.
  • Completed vocational training as a health and paediatric nurse with appropriate work permit is required.
  • To carry on activities under the professional title of “health and paediatric nurses” or “health and children’s nurse”, requires the permission of the Nursing Act.
  • For activity that requires dealing with minors, the presentation of a certificate of good conduct may be required.


  • Observation accuracy (e.g. detection of physical, psychological and social needs and problems of patients).
  • Memory (e.g. remembering names and individual characteristics in spite of frequent changes of patients).
  • Conversion capability (e.g. fast switching between activities, such as emergency situations).
  • Hand skill (e.g. creating or renewing associations).
  • Ability to plan and organize (e.g. transition between different care facilities, as well as between hospital and home care).
  • Teaching skills (e.g. directing sick children at play).
  • Numerical ability (e.g. calculating medication doses)
  • Understanding of the verbal statements (e.g. understanding of some indistinct wishes expressed by sick people).
  • Oral communication skills (e.g. advising parents and other caregivers on various nursing and care instructions).
  • Text comprehension (e.g. reading and understanding of nursing documentation and care planning).
  • Writing skills (e.g. documentation of nursing actions).

Pay Scale

Gross monthly remuneration may fall in the range of €2,481 to €2,894.