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    • These professionals have promising employment prospects.
    • A profession which is currently experiencing particular growth.
    • Demand for qualified geriatric nursing professionals is steadily increasing.
    • There are currently around 2.5 million individuals dependent on care. And this number will continue to increase over the coming decades.


    Support and care for older people in need of assistance.

    • Assist them in coping with everyday life.
    • Advise and motivate them to involve in tasks with a meaningful purpose.
    • Carry out nursing and medical tasks.

    Field of work

    • Geriatric and gerontological psychiatric departments of hospitals
    • Nursing and rehabilitation clinics
    • Short term care facilities with nursing care or day and home care services
    • Parity associations with attached nursing
    • Residential homes for people with disabilities
    • Senior citizens advice centres
    • Private households


    • The exercise of the profession is regulated.
    • A completed vocational training with an appropriate work permit is required.
    • To carry out the tasks under the professional title “Geriatric care”, requires permission from the competent national authority.


    • Understanding of the verbal statements (e.g. utterances of frail elderly people).
    • Oral communication skills (e.g. communicating with elderly relatives or employees of social institutions or authorities, directing people for activation measures).
    • Text comprehension (e.g. reading and understanding of nursing documentation and care planning).
    • Writing skills (e.g. drafting of care reports).
    • Observation accuracy (e.g. recognizing care-related diseases and their symptoms).
    • Memory (e.g. remembering names and health record of various patients).
    • Conversion capabilities (e.g. switching between activities of personal care, preparing meals and various medical care tasks).
    • Hand skill (e.g. changing of dressings or rubbing with ointment).

    Pay Scale

    A gross monthly remuneration may range between €2,299 to €2,544.

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