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A General Manager (hotel) is required to oversee employees, fiscal operations and all other aspects of the hotel’s everyday operations.


  1. Responsible for the development of all departments of the hotel.
  2. Required to develop operational budget for all the departments.
  3. Maintains all salaries records and monitors overall expenses.
  4. Audits paperwork daily, weekly and monthly to ensure that the operations of all departments are running smoothly and operating within any budget that has been set.
  5. Hosts staff meetings, attends financial meetings and works with legal professionals and accountants for the hotel as needed.
  6. Ensures all employees are working efficiently and communicates effectively with staff and guests.
  7. Solves conflicts arising between the customers and the hotel’s staff.

Pay scale:

The pay package of a General Manager (Hotel) ranges between €24,582 – €157,812 and the median pay being €54,095.