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  • These professionals are finance leaders, found in many types of businesses and organizations.
  • Oversee the accounts department of the organization and ensures that the finances of the company are managed in good faith.
  • Executives in this role may also be known as financial managers, treasurers or financial officers.


  • Analysis of the account books.
  • Reporting the financial matter to the management.
  • Monitoring the performance of the finance department.
  • Auditing the records.
  • Overseeing all tax and regulatory/ compliance issues.
  • Contributing to decisions regarding financial strategy.

Qualifications Required

  • At least three years of education at university level or business school level in the finance subjects.
  • Must have extensive knowledge of accounting and finance, cost and budget analysis and the industry in which they work.
  • They should also obtain a license as a certified public accountant, certified financial manager or certified management accountant.
  • Most companies hiring for this position will look for a master’s degree in business administration or financial accounting, as well as seven to ten years of progressive accounting experience and previous supervisory experience.

Pay Scale

In US dollars, the salary may range from $25,558 to $154,461 per year.

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