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Job Description

Endocrinologists diagnose diseases affecting glands including the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, ovaries, testes and pancreas. They recognize and treat hormone problems by helping to restore the balance of hormones. They take care of many conditions including diabetes, thyroid disease, and osteoporosis and growth disorders.  On a daily basis the endocrinologists see a number of patients in hospitals or in private practice and generally work in regular office hours. An endocrinologist’s work is highly demanding but equally rewarding.

Most of the patients will be referred to an endocrinologist by doctors from other fields as a result of their glandular specialization. The job of an endocrinologist includes obtaining test reports, examining patients and confirming a final diagnosis of the hormonal condition. An endocrinologist helps to manage the condition and plans an appropriate treatment for the hormonal disorders based on the course of illness. In addition, an endocrinologist helps to prevent the severe complications that may be associated with the condition by recommending a safe and effective treatment plan.

Job Titles

  • Internal Medical Specialist
  • Medical Practitioner
  • Physician
  • Specialist

Skills Required

  • To interpret and understand laboratory tests, x-rays and other associated procedures.
  • A sound knowledge of organ imaging investigations, hormone implants and fine needle aspiration and their application to endocrinology.
  • Knowledge in clinical endocrinology and metabolism, including diabetes.
  • A detailed understanding of the principles of endocrine physiology, biochemistry and cellular and hormonal metabolism.
  • To consult with other medical practitioners to evaluate a patient’s endocrine system.
  • To be conversant with research activities in the endocrine field.
  • To be able to communicate effectively.
  • To be conscientious.
  • To enjoy working with people.
  • A high degree of motivation and self-discipline.


Must obtain a 6 year medical degree and then undertake further training in the same stream.

Pay Scale

The annual salary for an endocrinologist ranges between AUD$141819 – AUD$164728.

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