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Job Description

These engineers deal with devices and systems that make use of small amount of electrical energy to analyse, transmit and store information.

Engineers who have specialized as electronics engineers may work in industries such as communication, broadcasting, aviation, defence, robotics, computers, medical engineering or meteorology. Nowadays most of the electronics engineers are finding opportunities in entertainment, transport and telecommunication industries. And it is also the responsibility of the electronics engineer to identify and correct the faults quickly to ensure the smooth working of the operation of all the systems.


  • Inspect electronic equipment to ensure compliance with specification or safety codes.
  • Provide technical support or training to staff or customers regarding electronic equipment.
  • Design electronic components, software, and other electronic products or systems.
  • Prepare documentation and other information for electronic equipment.

Educational Qualification

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in the specialized area of field.
  • High achievers will be awarded the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours.
  • This degree along with 4 years of experience allow for full recognition in Australia.

Pay Scale

The pay scale of an electronics engineer is on an average AUD$94,774.71 annually.