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  • Electrical engineers design and build electrical products. Such professionals take up senior positions in manufacturing, operations or sales of products and services in information technology and telecommunications, electrical power engineering, automation technology and microelectronics.
  • They work in interior design and production departments of companies in the electronics industry.
  • They are also employed in machinery and transport equipment field, aerospace industry, manufacturing unit of electrical medical devices or Power Company.
  • They help software vendors and consultants for technical planning to work on applications.
  • They may also be employed in universities, business organizations or the public sector.
  • Booming economy has been one of the reasons for demand of professionals in this specialized field which the country is trying to fill by inviting foreign skilled professionals by loosening its immigration rules.


To qualify for the role of electrical engineer, one can take up bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

For leadership positions and activities in research and development, a master’s degree in electrical engineering is usually required.

For an academic career at university, a doctorate is usually required for appointment as a university professor. The promotion may also be facilitated in the private sector, in research and in public administration.


Since it’s a regulated profession, membership in a country Chamber of Engineers and the entry in the local list of ‘consulting engineers’ is required to practice electrical engineering work.

Pay Scale

The salary may range between €24,450 – €72,301 per year.