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Doctors in demand

  • Medical Doctor
  • Medical Consultant
  • Consultant Doctor/ Chief Physician
  • Hospital Doctor

Hospital Doctor

  • Hospital Doctor is responsible for specialized examination, treatment and care of patients that cannot be treated in the primary sector because of the need for specialist knowledge, specialist equipment or for intensive care and monitoring.
  • The health professional is expected to coordinate closely with the primary sector regarding both the admission of patients and the discharge of patients back to the primary health care sector and the social sector (rehabilitation, care).
  • They also tutor other doctors undergoing specialization training.

Chief Physician/ Consultant Doctor

  • Head Physician holds a senior management position at a hospital or other institutions.
  • In charge of medical matters and often is the superior of other physicians (including consultants or attending physicians), but may also be in charge of other professional groups and areas of responsibility.

Medical Consultant  

  • Consultant is a title of a senior physician who has completed all of his or her specialist training and has been placed on the specialist register in their chosen specialty.
  • Accepts ultimate responsibility for the care of all the patients referred to them, so the job carries significant personal responsibility.

Medical Doctor

  • Practice medicine to promote, maintain or restore human health through the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injury and other physical and mental impairments.
  • Some of them are specialist medical practitioners and focus their practice on certain ailment categories, type of patients, or methods of treatment.
  •  Provide comprehensive medical care to individuals, families and communities as general practitioners.

Educational Requirement

Master’s degree and Danish authorization

Danish Authorization

  • Persons whose medical training has been outside Denmark must hold Danish authorization to be able to practice medicine in Denmark.
  • The candidate needs to apply to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority for the assessment of his primary medical qualification.
  • If the assessment is positive, the doctor is typically required to pass tests and/or successfully complete probationary appointments in order to obtain a permanent authorization to work as a medical doctor.
  • One can apply for the permission to practice medicine independently after attaining the permanent authorization.

Permission to assume the title of specialist is issued by the Danish National Board of Health.

(a)   Precondition is that the doctor must have already obtained both permanent authorization to practice medicine in Denmark and permission to practice medicine independently.

(b)   Undergone necessary training to acquire permission to assume the title of specialist.

Pay Scale

  • The median salary in US dollars is $100,000.

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