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Dental technicians primarily do less complicated forms of dentistry in a dental office, whether it is repairing chipped teeth or reline work for dentures, and occasionally crown and implant work. Dental technicians constantly work with surgical implements, including drills, electric grinders, and polishers, so proper safety knowledge and procedure is a must. Dental technicians also often work in the fabrication process in a dental office, including the creation of custom trays and base plates for surgery. They have similar hours as the rest of the dental office, nine to five, five days a week, and only indoor work.


  • Create partial, full dentures, crowns and veneers.
  • Create and perform work according to dental prescription.
  • Create oral constructs for dental restorations, prostheses and appliances.
  • Clean and finish dental parts with electric grinders and polishers.
  • Verify the conformance to prescription specs by using articulator.


  • Should have completed a dental degree.
  • Must have good communication and people skills.

Pay Scale

The pay scale of a dental technician ranges betweenAUD$29,842 – AUD$74,068 and the median being AUD$46,291.

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