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A dental hygienist’s responsibility is to help prevent dental related diseases in their patients. Dental hygienists will usually work with a certified dentist to meet the oral health concerns of patients. Some basic job responsibilities include, giving patients routine cleanings in order to remove plaque and other caustic substances from the surface of the teeth, testing patients’ teeth for cavities and other abnormalities, assessment of the patient’s health history, applying anaesthesia to patients going through surgery, applying different treatments such as fluoride in order to prevent future cavities and diseases, taking and developing dental X-rays in order to assess current and future dental problems, and assisting dentists in their work. Along with these hands on activities, dental hygienists also perform general documentation procedures and office management involving their patient’s documented information.


  • Record the presence of diseases or abnormalities.
  • Examine patients’ teeth and gums.
  • Teach patients how to practice good oral hygiene.
  • Remove soft and hard deposits from teeth.


  • Must go through accredited academic programs offered at universities, technical schools, community colleges and dental schools.
  • Programs will require two years of schooling to get bachelors or master’s degree.
  • Community college programs usually take two years but one will be required to take up additional examinations in order to become a licensed dental worker.

Pay Scale

The pay scale of a dental hygienist ranges between AUD$51,647 – AUD$108,732 and the median being AUD$84,875.

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