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Construction project manager is the ultimate authority on the development and completion of construction projects. They are also responsible for making sure the job is in compliance with quality standards. The responsibilities of the construction project manager cover all areas of project management, including project planning, time management, contract administration, cost management, quality management, and safety management.


  1. Provides technical direction to the team members.
  2. Responsible for making sure the job is in compliance with quality standards.
  3. Spends time, charting out project objectives and plans.
  4. Sets performance requirements of the participants in the project.
  5. Negotiates contracts with construction crews to get the best work at a reasonable price.
  6. Sets objectives and goals for the team members.
  7. Needs to plan and budget the project.
  8. Identification of the resources at best prices.
  9. Apply and obtain all permits and licensing required for the project.
  10. Serves as liaison between the construction team, architects, designers, owners and stakeholders.


  1. A bachelor’s degree in building science, construction management, or civil engineering, along with five years of work experience as an intern, craft worker, or supervisor.
  2. A master’s degree helps to open doors to the large construction companies.

Pay Scale:

The pay package of a construction project manager ranges between €31,091 – €103,564 and the median pay being €47,861.