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Job Description

A haematologist is a doctor who prevents and treats various disorders related to the blood. Generally, a haematologist treats patients with a blood related disease and prescribes medication therapy in patients with chronic, mild or terminally ill condition. The haematologist’s work includes conducting physical examination, diagnosing blood disorders, diseases of the bone marrow, immune system and vascular system.

Haematologists usually begin their examination by looking at a person’s nails, hands, skin, hair, eyes and mouth. They would also examine lymph nodes and order any necessary blood tests.  A haematologist draws the patient’s blood in order to detect the disease, obtains blood reports, plans for an appropriate treatment course, advises surgical procedures and refers critically ill cases like leukaemia or osteosarcoma to the concerned physicians.

Haematologists work within specialist departments in hospitals – a great deal of their work is laboratory-based. Haematology service must be available at all times and as such haematologists can work unsocial hours. Some haematologist work directly with patients in a clinical role and as such there are opportunities to work in private practice and have more regular working conditions.

Skills Required

  • Have high levels of clinical expertise and intellectual rigor to cope with frequent changes in the field.
  • Receive, prepare and interpret results from blood samples and bone marrow samples and biopsies.
  • Produce quantitative reports and text to assist in test result interpretation and analysis.
  • Treat conditions through medication, blood transfusion or bone marrow transplantation.
  • Liaise closely with other medical staff.
  • Have strong teamwork skills.
  • Be passionate about the wellbeing of others.
  • Be patient, supportive and emotionally robust to work with patients.
  • Be accurate, organized and efficient.


Must obtain a 6 year medical degree with further training in the same stream

Pay Scale

The pay scale of a clinical haematologist ranges between AUD$40,268 – AUD$196,484.

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