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Support geriatric nurses in all activities related to the care and nursing of older people.

Field of Work

  • Geriatric and geropsychiatric departments at hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation clinics
  • Old peoples’ residential and care homes
  • Residential homes for people with disabilities
  • Institutions providing advice to senior citizens
  • Associations offering nursing care services including visiting services
  • Private households in areas such as looking after collective groups of senior citizens or family members requiring care


General care of older people

(a)    Assist with personal hygiene

(b)   Assist in the preparation of meals and food intake

(c)    Perform medical observation

(d)   Accompany them for doctor visits

(e)   Organize recreational programs, such as games or sports afternoon


  • The profession is regulated.
  • A completed training as a nursing assistant and a corresponding permission is required.
  • To use the title “nursing assistant/in”, requires the permission of the respective nursing law.
  • One has to apply to the competent national authority.

Possible Jobs

Professional Nursing Assistant/in belongs to the following professional fields:

  • Jobs in Nursing
  • Medication for older people
  • Occupations in medicine

Trends and Developments

  • There will be a significant increase in the number of elderly people requiring care in the next few years.
  • Adoption of culturally sensitive care, i.e. connecting concepts of care with cultural and religious knowledge because of the presence of various international cultures in Germany.
  • Usage of modern systems to recognize an emergency on time to help elderly people live safely for longer period of time.


Core skills required during the training

  • Elderly care
  • Basic care
  • Care assistance (elderly/ sick/ disabled care)

Other skills that may be relevant to the exercise of the profession

  • Care for senior citizens
  • Outpatient residential care
  • Ambulatory/ mobile care
  • Dietetics
  • Leisure time participation
  • Geriatrics, Gerontology (care assistant)
  • Health care (preventive measures)
  • Home economics
  • Rehabilitation (care assistant)
  • Rescue, first aid
  • Life care

Pay Scale

  • Monthly gross remuneration may fall in the range of €1,946 to €2,128.