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Cable workers are mainly employed by companies involved in the manufacture of articles such as electric cables, cable circuits or wires for engines and vehicles. They also work for manufacturers of wire products.

Cable workers produce electrical cables, conductors and cable circuits of all kinds and for all areas of deployment. They set up and operate production machines and plants and monitor the production process.


  • Make flexible conductors (wires) of copper, aluminium and fibre glass.
  • Check the mechanical and electrical properties of the wires.
  • Make corrections to the machine settings for production of quality wires as per the defined standards.
  • Rectify any faults which occur in machines or in the material.
  • Ensure proper fitting of safety devices on the machine and identify and eliminate hazards in the workshops.

Job Title:

  • Cable Worker
  • Cable Mechanic


  • Wire ropes
  • Cable Manufacturing
  • Machine guidance, asset management
  • Crimping
  • Electrical
  • Wire and cable equipment
  • Machinery equipment, plant equipment
  • Presses
  • Soldering

Pay Scale:

The salary may range from € 2,498 to € 2,624 per month.