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Business Economists plan, organise and monitor the business activities of private sector companies or government offices engaged in commercial services. They support the economic decision-making processes in functional areas such as data processing, investment and financing, accounting, controlling, internal audits, human resource, procurement, inventory management and logistics, production, marketing or sales. They analyse facts and circumstances, design new concepts, improve aspects such as internal organisation, optimise flow of information with the assistance of IT applications and steer the business process within their respective area of responsibility.

Business Economists find employment in all branches of trade and industry.

Access to a position as business administrator can occur by following fields of study:

  • Business Administration (Bachelor)
  • Business Administration (Master)
  • Commercial Business Management (Bachelor)
  • Commerce Business Administration (Master)
  • Industrial Economics (Bachelor)
  • Industrial Business Administration (Master)
  • Economics (Bachelor)
  • Economics (Master)

A master’s degree is usually required for leadership positions and activities in research and teaching.


  • Business organization, planning
  • Controlling
  • Purchasing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Teaching at universities
  • Management, corporate governance
  • Marketing, Advertising
  • Materials, goods, Logistics
  • Personnel management, development
  • Revision
  • Risk analysis, management
  • Distribution, sales
  • Auditing
  • Scientific Research