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A business analyst is someone who scrutinizes the financial aspects of the business and determines if there are any changes that could be made to make the business more successful.


  • Makes recommendations and changes to improve the business.
  • Develops and implements goals and procedures based on the data they analyse.
  • Designs feasible and obtainable goals to improve the business.

Required Qualification:

Business analysts will often require a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or information technologies. They may also have a technical background as a programmer or computer engineer.


  • A detailed mind that is able to analyse data and come to conclusions based on the available data.
  • Should be able to gather, analyse and interpret data in areas such as budgets, financial planning, forecasting and cash flow projections.
  • Must be able to coordinate, organize and direct organizations of projects and processes related to the financial sector of business.

Pay Scale:

The salary may range between HK$150,864 – HK$1,000,000.
The popular industries where these professionals can work are as follows:

(a) Banking, where the salary range is between HK$93,465 – HK$708,208.

(b) Investment Banking, the salary range is between HK$410,011 –HK$689,048.

(c) Financial Services, the salary range is between HK$137,756 – HK$803,232.