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An IT Business Analyst’s job is to create project plans for information technology development and testing. The goal is to identify how information technology can help satisfy business and customer requirements. Such professionals work in a variety of industries. And the scope of industry opportunities for these types of analysts is virtually unlimited. Any business which uses or has the potential to use computer technologies can take assistance from an IT business analyst- either for internal business purposes or to help satisfy customer needs.


  • Responsible to oversee and contribute to all aspects of IT projects within an organization, including identifying, communicating and managing any risks associated with projects.
  • Translate requirements into new information technology project specifications.
  • Coordinate with leaders and consultants from different departments, programmers and other analysts.
  • Brainstorm with team members both within and outside the IT department in order to test different ideas, prototype software and consult different departments to develop new systems.

Required Qualification:

Companies who hire IT business analysts are typically looking for those who have completed a four year degree in computer science, engineering, management information systems, or something very similar.

Pay Scale:

The salary ranges between HK$174,524 – HK$875,857.

Popular industries to work are as follows:

(a)   Banking: the salary ranges between HK$322,076 – HK$554,066.

(b)   Leasing: the salary ranges between HK$166,850 – HK$662,373.

(c)   Information Technology (IT) Services: the salary ranges between HK$199,268 – HK$343,138.