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A brand manager’s responsibilities are multipronged, ranging from product development management and subsequent marketing, to developing and managing partner relationships and creating marketable portfolios for products and develop consumer communications in collaboration with corporate advertising.


  • Develops plans and subsequently executes projects that are contingent with a coherent marketing strategy.
  • Develops specific objectives with tactics and marketing goals related to brand and product marketing.
  • Appropriate management of the brand and product as well as advertising and packaging within designated budget constraints.
  • Accountable for the product portfolio, including both pricing and costing as well as SKU rationalization and lead development of consumer communications in collaboration with corporate advertising.
  • Researches competition and makes defined recommendations to drive the business forward by understanding and probing the global market.
  • Develops a team whereby each individual has a clear plan that is entirely congruent with the broader goal of the team, company and products.
  • Brand managers are also expected to work with assistant brand managers to nurture marketing skill development.

Pay Scale:

  • The salary ranges between HK$303,042-HK$781,534.
  • Most popular industries for these professionals to work are furniture and home furnishings with salary ranging between HK$438,527 – HK$897,574.