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The position of assistant professor offers a unique opportunity to shape the education of young individuals as well as perform research in the field of specialization. As an assistant professor the performance in these two areas will determine how successful one becomes in obtaining tenure. The position of assistant professor is a perfect job for someone who loves to teach and mentor students. They often work in intellectual centres and have mentally stimulating jobs. Professors find fulfilment not only because they enjoy the work they do, but also because they know they have moulded individuals that will impact the generations to come.


  • Teach courses in a specific field.
  • Serve as a mentor to students seeking advice.
  • Apart from teaching, assistant professors are expected to contribute to the field or to the university. This can be done through research or serving on curriculum committees.
  • Publication is highly encouraged and may be one of the criteria when up for tenure.

Pay Scale:

  • The salary ranges between HK$142,421 – HK$846,333.
  • Most popular places for these professionals to work are colleges and universities where the salary ranges between HK$182,171 – HK$777,070.
  • Other educational institutes also offer jobs to these professionals with salary ranging between HK$409,926 – HK$711,727.
  • If one is holding a doctorate degree (PhD), the salary will range between HK$138,461 – HK$763,578.
  • Next level for such professionals is the post of associate professor, postsecondary/higher education with the salary ranging between HK$242,395 – HK$1,519,735.