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Danish Architecture has a long and excellent history with some of the world’s most famous architectural buildings being contributed by Danes.

To begin with the history, if you look at Iconic Sydney Opera House, which was constructed in 1973, was designed by one of the famous architect  Jorn Utzon who was a Danish and today the world’s best residential homes named ‘8 House’ in Copenhagen were also designed by Bjarke Ingels who too was a Danish.

The nation is gearing up its technology for better green in the future with its efficient energy consumption technology in the geometric shapes of its buildings and effective influx of daylight. Thanks to its architects and engineers for the same.

Whether it’s a home design or a community park or even designing a new urban plan, focus on environmental friendly structures is making the world look towards this small technology driven nation, which has recently opened its gates for foreign trained architects to share their knowledge and expertise to build a better nation in future.