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Architects design buildings and public works mainly in the field of construction engineering. They plan and monitor construction work. To practice their activities, architects accord due consideration to design, technical, economic, ecological and social aspects.

Architects work for architectural, engineering and design companies.

Further career prospects are offered by insurance companies and institutions involved with the protection of historical monuments. Their knowledge is also in demand in the field of research at bodies such as institutes of architectural history.

The exercise of the profession is regulated.

To work as an architect, a degree in architecture is expected depending on the field of task.

For leadership positions, contribution to specialized tasks or activities in science and technology is usually required subsequent to the bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

To be licensed to work as architect, one needs to get registered in the list of architects of the Chamber of Architects of a federal state.


  • Identify and take account of technical as well as economic and social conditions of the location where the project will be started.
  • Responsible for the design of new constructions or extensions to the already existing structure and to estimate the expected construction costs.
  • Observe relevant regulations and other requirements, such as health and fire protection, energy conservation or sustainable building.
  • Monitor the object, while the construction work is performed.
  • Coordinate the work of all those involved in construction.
  • Inspect the construction bills.
  • Defect detection during building inspection.
  • Monitoring of warranty work and documentation.
  • Conduct feasibility studies to analyse the condition and location of the property and work concepts.
  • In local, state or federal agencies, they take planning tasks, manage public property or work in the supervision and care of monuments.
  • After a Master’s degree they are also open to activities in science and research.

Job Titles:



  • Construction Informatics
  • Building renovation
  • CAD (computer aided design) systems
  • Management accounting
  • Customer service, care
  • Models, make pattern pieces
  • Project Management
  • Regional and spatial planning
  • Urban planning
  • Urban renewal
  • Surveying
  • Original authorization
  • Housing (planning, monitoring)

Pay Scale:

The salary may range from € 2,832 to € 3,965 per month.