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  • Anatomists are concerned with the scientific investigation and teaching of issues related to the structure, appearance and coaction of the human organism.
  • They mainly work in hospitals, at clinics attached to institutes of higher education and at anatomical institutes. They may also be employed in medical research or teaching.
  • The exercise of the profession is regulated.
  • To work as a specialist for anatomy one needs medical license or the granting of permission to practice medicine according to Federal Medical Code.
  • Also they need to regularly educate themselves in their field.
  • Depending on the area of ​​activity a technical qualification in accordance with regulation of radiation protection must be available.


  • Study healthy, pathologically altered body parts or organs in order to gain insight into the respective external and internal appearance and the location, function and interaction with other organs and mediate.
  • Perform autopsies.
  • Do plastination of organs, which are kept in anatomical collections as visual aids.
  • Perform biomechanical and functional studies in the laboratory.
  • In the X-ray anatomy, they interpret conventional radiographs or CT and MRI scans to the finest anatomical structures and functional processes.
  • Study the development of fertilized eggs into embryos in the field of embryology.
  • They summarize the results of their scientific work in research reports, which may be published in professional publications.
  • In addition to their medical tasks, they do manage organizational tasks.
  •  They monitor the laboratory organization and provide a smooth flow of the laboratory process.
  • Customize reports and report findings.

Job Title:



  • Anatomy
  • Anatomical dissection
  • Laboratory work, laboratory technology
  • Autopsy (Medical)
  • Pathology (Medical)

Pay Scale:

The salary may range from € 5,206 to € 6,685 as gross monthly remuneration.