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Air Traffic Management Assistants plan, organise and monitor the transportation of passengers and freight. They work in the field of customer advice and support, aircraft ground handling, sale of freight space, marketing, human resources, finance and accounting.

They mainly work for airport operators, airlines and charter airlines. They also find employment at air freight forwarding companies and travel agencies.

In general, a vocational qualification is required to access this activity.

Even a degree holder in international air traffic assistance can qualify for the activity.

To act as air traffic management assistant, the reliability must be confirmed by the air safety authority.


  • Responsible for the carriage of passengers and cargo.
  • Plan and control the work processes.
  • Advise passengers about flights and fares.
  • Calculate fares and reserve seats.
  • For freight shipments, they plan the cargo capacity, create shipping documents and take care of customs formalities.
  • They procure fuel and spare parts.
  • Track documents and take organizational tasks in the aircraft handling.
  • Take over tasks in accounting and finance and develop marketing strategies.

Job Titles:

Air traffic management assistant


  • Passenger handling
  • Ticket sales (passage sale)
  • Calculation
  • Management accounting
  • Customer service
  • Air freight forwarding
  • Air Law
  • Reservation, booking (travel)
  • Transport Insurance
  • Sale
  • Shipping
  • Customs regulation, customs clearance

Pay Scale:

The gross base salary may range from € 2.082 to € 2,629 a month.