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Agricultural Laboratory Technicians undertake laboratory work in the field of agricultural testing and studies. They analyse materials such as seed, feed and fertiliser and soil samples and pathogens affecting livestock.

Usually completed training in Agriculture and technical laboratory is required for access to the activity.

A certificate issued in accordance with phytosanitary expertise regulation may be required depending on the area of ​​activity.


  •  Perform in the laboratory, chemical or microbiological analyses and are involved in the breeding of crop varieties.
  • Examine the purity of seed, identify any plant disease and test the effect of pesticides on plants and pests.
  • Take samples to record the results on the computer and clean or maintain laboratory equipment.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Job Titles:

Agricultural and Technical Laboratory Technician


  • Agriculture
  • Chemical examination and measurement methods
  • Laboratory work, laboratory technology
  • Microbiology
  • Plant protection
  • Physical measurement, test methods
  • Sampling
  • Quality control, quality assurance
  • Animal husbandry, livestock production
  • Experimental procedure and analysis

Pay Scale:

Salary may range from € 2,401 to € 2,657 as gross monthly remuneration.