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Aerospace Engineers are mastermind for aircrafts, missiles, space crafts and satellites. They are involved in the analysis, design and manufacturing of these heavy vehicles.


  1. Design aircrafts, missiles, space crafts and satellites.
  2. Testing the prototypes to ensure the desired functionality.
  3. Conduct research to evaluate adaptability of materials and equipment to design and manufacture aircraft.

Job Titles:

  1. Senior Stress Engineer
  2. Design Engineer Aerospace
  3. Development Engineer in Aerospace
  4. Aerospace Structural-(System) Engineer


  1. Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or other related aerospace engineering degrees.
  2. Experts in advanced mathematics, chemistry, physics and technology.
  3. Good understanding of stability and control systems, fluid mechanics, telecommunications and wind tunnel testing.

Pay scale:

The pay package of an Aerospace Engineer ranges from €21,305 – €69,542 and the median pay being €44,962.