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An accounting manager develops and implements systems for gathering, analysing, verifying, and reporting certain types of financial information. Typically, an accounting manager is a part of a larger group (or managerial staff) that includes other mid-level business managers.


  • Hires, trains and coaches subordinates.
  • Enforces company policies, rules, and procedures.
  • Prepares and regulates annual budgets, schedules expenditures and undertakes corrective actions when budget problems occur.
  • Keeps track of business financial status by closely monitoring revenue, expenses, and future budget changes while evaluating financial data.
  • Prepares reports and charts on finances.
  • Guides other departments by applying observations and recommendations to their financial operations.
  • Understands current and proposed legislation, enforces financial regulations, and recommends new, efficient procedures to help the company avoid legal challenges.
  • Updates business information by participating in any educational opportunity that can advance the company’s current financial model.

Required Qualifications:

An accounting manager typically has a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a finance-related degree, as well as experience in the field.

Pay Scale:

The salary ranges from HK$267,610 to HK$635,248.