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An Accounting Assistant supports a company in its day-to-day accounting duties with the focus on administrative, clerical, and data-entry duties.


  • Uploads and scans documents for entry into the company’s document-tracking software.
  • Processes invoices.
  • Files, sorts and faxes documents and correspondence.
  • Answers phone calls; reviews documents for accuracy and completeness; tracks inventory; and works on spread sheets.

Reports directly to a senior accountant or controller.

Required Qualification:
Accounting assistants usually must have at least a high school degree, though some positions may require some college experience or prior work experience.


  • Expected to have some bookkeeping knowledge or experience, especially in generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Must be proficient with standard office software such as Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as accounting and bookkeeping software such as Quick books.

Pay Scale:

The salary may range from HK$129,128 to HK$426,792.