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The Account Manager of sales is responsible for overseeing their sales team and providing them with support and direction. This helps to ensure execution of the developed sales strategies, plans, and advertising or promotional programs. Maintaining contact with key markets by visiting and investigating the operations and local conditions is an important function of this position.


  • Ensures activities are in accordance to the developed sales objectives, and if they are not, changes can be quickly made.
  • Strengthens relationships with clients and suppliers.
  • Participates in hiring to build a sales team.
  • Works closely with the sales team to guide and give proper advice to those who are struggling to meet their sales quota each month.
  • Works closely with general managers, administrators and colleagues who work in different branches.
  • Conducts meetings and day-to-day interactions in the office.
  • Evaluates and provides analysis of new products and international market opportunities.
  • Plans and implements sales programs for one or more of the company’s products.

Pay Scale:

The salary may range from HK$138,581 to HK$601,178.