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Qualified international professionals have numerous jobs with worthwhile career opportunities in the land of high technology i.e. Germany.

A country with lowest level of unemployment among all the European countries and that’s the reason domestic and foreign media have often declared Germany’s labour market as Jobwunder.

Excellent job prospects are available in number of sectors in Germany especially in the applied sciences and vocational courses.

Now how does the country becomes one of the best places for foreign skilled workers?

(a)    There is a dearth of finding a suitable candidate to fill vacant positions in some areas of Germany.

(b)   Since graduates from universities or universities of applied sciences or professionals of vocational training have a relatively easy time finding employment compared to those who are not graduates from any of these areas. This gives foreign skilled workers, who are well qualified and also have a basic command of the German language to grab the opportunity.

(c)    Flexible labour market, which has kept the unemployment level to the lowest over a long period of time.

(d)   Future prospects are also brilliant as the demand of skilled labour will continue to invite foreign skilled professionals to be part of the economy of Germany.