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This sector is one of the largest employers in the country. Nearly 73,000 companies are active in the main construction trades offering shell construction and  civil engineering services and around 44,000 companies provide finishing, interior fitting and renovation services.

As many other industries are linked with this sector, this sector has become the economy driver for the nation to generate prosperity. To meet the ever growing demand of internal as well as external market, the industry is booming and creating excellent opportunities for highly skilled foreign trained engineers in this field as the country cannot meet the demand only with the local labour pool.

The sector is also highly future driven in terms of providing environmental friendly construction solutions against the backdrop of climate change. This has led to increased focus on environmental research as well. The goal is optimization of the energy efficiency of buildings and construction. In addition to this Germany is benchmarking itself to offer state-of-the-art innovations in the area of digital planning and construction.

All these provide a great platform to all those professionals who want to excel in their field by converting their ideas into reality to see the dream earth of tomorrow.