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Germany Jobseeker Visa

Germany Jobseeker Visa A smart way to look for a job in Germany. Germany Jobseeker Visa is an initiative by Federal Government to encourage more qualified professionals from abroad to come to Germany. As from 1 August 2012 graduates with a German or other recognized university degree or a foreign degree comparable to a German degree more…

Aerospace Engineer

Overview: Aerospace engineers research, design and develop aerospace vehicles, aerospace systems and their components, and perform duties related to their testing, evaluation, installation, operation and maintenance. They are employed by aircraft and spacecraft manufacturers, air transport carriers, and in government educational and research institutions. Tasks: Aerospace engineers perform some or all of the following duties: more…

Aerospace Engineer

Overview: Aerospace Engineers are mastermind for aircrafts, missiles, space crafts and satellites. They are involved in the analysis, design and manufacturing of these heavy vehicles. Tasks Design aircrafts, missiles, space crafts and satellites. Testing the prototypes to ensure the desired functionality. Conduct research to evaluate adaptability of materials and equipment to design and manufacture aircraft. Job more…