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Why apply for an US Investor Visa?

  • World’s largest market
  • Leading country in research and development
  • Skilled and innovative workforce
  • Plenty of natural resources
  • The most efficient Capital market
  • Low risk of fluctuating exchange rates

With a robust economy and a steadily growing stock market, the USA is a world leader in foreign investment. The country is home to Silicon Valley, the hub of innovation. The USA issues many investor visas to promote foreign investment in the country. Y-Axis helps you navigate the US visa maze to invest and reap benefits from the US.

Types of US Investor Visas

  • EB-5 Investor visa: allows immigrant entrepreneurs to invest in a US commercial enterprise, planning to create ten or more full-time job opportunities for US employees.
  • E-1 Treaty Traders Visa: allows a citizen of a treaty country to invest and trade in the US.
  • E-2 Treaty Investor Visa: allows a person to invest and start a business with citizens of their country, provided that the investor belongs to a country that holds a treaty of commerce with the USA.

Benefits of US Investor Visa

US investor visas offer many advantages, investment benefits, and ROI. The benefits of having an EB-5 visa are mentioned below:

  • Live, work, study or plan your retirement in the US without finding an employer.
  • Get a US Green card just within  120 days.
  • Bring members of your dependent family(spouse and unmarried children below 21 years) to the US.
  • Enjoy the US lifestyle with ample growth opportunities
  • Get ROI after 5 to 7 years, depending on the project and the amount invested.
  • Access world-class educational and healthcare facilities.
  • Travel visa-free within the US and other countries once you get the US Green Card.
  • Receive social security benefits after retirement.
  • Get an international driver’s license and drive freely within the US, Canada and Mexico.
  • Earn high interest in opening and investing in a US bank account.
  • Immigrate to the US without any sponsorship, language skills or business experience.

Eligibility criteria for US Investor Visa

You would be eligible to apply for a US Investor Visa if:

  • You invest at least $800,000 in Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) or $1.05 million outside TEAs.
  • Your investment creates 10 full-time jobs for US workers, excluding your family members, even if they are a part of your company in the US.
  • Your money is acquired by legal means.
  • You have valid financial documents and identity proof.
  • You have a police clearance report showing no criminal charges against your name.
  • USCIS approves of your investment.

Required documents for US Investor Visa

  • Documents to prove that you are investing in a profitable US enterprise established after 1990.
  • Proof of your management or overseeing the new enterprise.
  • Proof that you intend to employ the new joiners at least for two years. 
  • Documents elaborating your business plan to show that you need at least ten new people for your new enterprise.
  • Documents to show that you have paid the minimum required amount.
  • Documents to prove that your investment money is acquired legally.
  • Documents to prove that you have no pending criminal charges against your name in the last 15 years.
  • A valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
  • Recent passport-sized pictures as per the suggested format.
  • Personal documents such as your certificate of birth and marriage.
  • Documents to prove that you meet the medical requirements as required.

Steps to Apply for a US Investor Visa

You can follow these steps to apply for an EB-5 visa after your investment is settled:

  • Step 1: Fill in the I-526 form and apply to USCIS online
  • Step 2: Once reviewed, the application is forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC)
  • Step 3: Pay the required amount as suggested by NVC
  • Step 4: Appear for the interview scheduled by NVC
  • Step 5: The US embassy issues your Visa if everything is in place

Processing time for US Investor Visa

The USCIS takes around 13 months to process your EB-5 Visa, but it generally depends on your situation.

Cost of US Investor Visa

The initial USCIS petition I-526 costs $3675, and the biometric fee per applicant is $85 for regional investors.

How can Y-Axis help you?

Y-Axis is one of the leading visa and immigration consultancies that can help you with your visa application process. Our dedicated service includes:

  • Analyzing your profile and suggesting the best-suited investment options for you
  • Gathering the correct set of documents required for a successful visa application
  • Advising on your overseas investment
  • Get you updates and follow-ups on your visa application process
  • Informing you on getting permanent residency in the country you have invested in.

Investing abroad doesn’t have to be hectic or challenging. Contact Y-Axis today for personalized guidance.