Italy business visa

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Why apply for an Italy Business Visa?

  • Get high tax benefits
  • Safe investment options
  • Ideal for starting your own business
  • Competitive and skilled workforce
  • World-class infrastructure

Located at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy’s strategic location allows it to have a strong network with the European Union and the Middle East. Italy's diverse and flexible economy is the best fit for entrepreneurs looking to set up their business in Italy. To visit the country for business purposes, you need an Italy Business Visa. Y-Axis is here to help you with your visa application process so you can migrate to Italy hassle-free.


Benefits of an Italy Business Visa

  • Plan a business trip to Italy
  • Visit and stay in Italy for up to 90 days
  • Visit all other 26 Schengen countries
  • Attend business conferences and meetings
  • Settle business agreements and sign business contracts 

Eligibility Criteria for Italy Business Visa

You would be eligible to apply for an Italy Business Visa if:

  • You belong to a country other than the 62 visa-waived countries
  • You intend to move to Italy for business purposes only
  • You have a valid passport which has at least 6 months validity
  • You have proof of your employment and business references
  • You have a detailed schedule of all your business activities that you intend to participate in
  • You do not have any criminal charges against your name


Italy Business Visa Requirements

  • A valid passport with a validity of no less than 6 months
  • Recent passport-sized photographs
  • Completed and signed the Italy Business Visa application form
  • Travel itinerary and flight details
  • Health insurance details
  • Employment details and registration slips if attending a conference
  • Documents to prove that you have sufficient funds to support your stay in the country
  • Business license and financial information related to your business
  • Documents showing prior trade relations in Italy (if any)
  • Personal documents, including certificate of birth and marriage (as available)


Steps to Apply for an Italy Business Visa

  • Step 1: Check the eligibility criteria based on your country of residence
  • Step 2: Fill out the Italy Business Visa application form online
  • Step 3: Pay the visa application fees
  • Step 4: Gather the required documents as mentioned in the form and upload them accordingly
  • Step 5: Apply along with your biometric details
  • Step 6: Schedule an appointment with the Italy Embassy or Consulate
  • Step 7: Attend the visa application interview on the scheduled date
  • Step 8: Wait for the visa to be processed
  • Step 9: Once approved, fly to Italy.


Italy Business Visa Processing Time

A Business Visa in Italy usually gets processed within 15 business days, but it may extend to 30 days if further investigation is required against your application. The visa can be applied as early as 3 weeks from the day you intend to visit Italy, and processing can be delayed if the bulk of applications received by the Embassy are high.


Italy Business Visa Processing Fees

A processing fee of €80 is charged against every Italy Business Visa application.


How can Y-Axis help you?

Y-Axis is a leading immigration and visa consultancy, providing end-to-end support and complete assistance on different visa application programs. Our dedicated team of visa and immigration experts will help you with:

  • Filing your visa application form
  • Gathering the required set of documents  in the suggested format
  • Getting you updates and follow-ups


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Don't know what to do
Don't know what to do ?

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